Business Intel.

Business Intelligence is the new buzz word and what it includes are modules that are not simply functional like, Accounts Payable which manages vendors and payments, but those modules which pull together or present information in a format that is easy to read and interpret and allow better, more efficient decisions to be made by all users.

An example of this is:
Business Alerts - a module which allows you to define criteria important in your business and email the relevant people. Some samples of alerts might be:
Email the purchasing manager when PO’s expected today have not been received (Purchase Order based)
Email the president/owner when a new order comes in over $5,000 (Sales Order based)
Email the customer when an invoice is 5 days overdue (Accounts Receivable)
Email the AR manager when a customer invoice is 10 days overdue (Accounts Receivable)

If you can articulate it, you can alert it! The email can be to someone, internal or external or multiple people. Of course, the danger is over-emailing since as with most things, less is more! But used in moderation this is a most powerful, pro-active tool to manage information in your business. Download a PDF on the Sage MAS90/MAS200 Business Alerts module

Visual Cut - a module which allows to to create and schedule reports to be run and emailed on a timed basis. Again pro-active and timely, without a user initiating a specific report. A tool that can save time and money from a users day by automating the reports they run. Saving time thus saving money!