Post-dated transactions

Common Issue – Post Dated Transactions
We have often seen this issue where users are posting future dated transactions but using the wrong posting date (eg. creating rent
invoices/cheques for December but posting them in July).  Using different
dates (invoice dates and posting dates) will affect Sage reporting. 

To avoid the confusion, ensure that an invoice created in a particular
month, is also updated in the same month. The easiest way to handle this
is to create a separate batch for each invoice and update each batch in
the correct month.

For example, create a batch (call it Aug) and create all invoices dated
August in that batch.  When you are ready to post, select the batch Aug
and make sure to use a posting date in August.  Repeat the same steps for
the other months. 

When you create and post cheques, use the same methodology (create a cheque in July, post the cheque in July). This will ensure that AR/AP Trial
Balance and the AR/AP Aged Invoice report will always balance and be in sync.