Aug 5, 2013
So what is new with Sage 100 (formerly MAS90/MAS200)?

Having just returned from the annual Sage Partner and Customer conference in Washington DC, here are a couple of things I learned…

- Sage are moving quickly into the mobile world, so if you are a Sage 100 user with technicians on the move, there is now a new smooth solution for you. Using an ipad, your technicians can receive a work order from the office with instructions, do some work at a customer site, update the work order, email an invoice to that customer and even charge a credit card while standing at the customer site and have all that data update the Sage 100 software back at the office….gone are the days of little scraps of paper coming back 3 days after the fact for billing !

- Sage Intelligence, a reporting tool for both financial and non-financials reporting is quicker and easier than ever before, and a ‘Report Manager’ license is already included with your Sage 100 software. However, in order to get the full flexibility, you will need to add a Report Designer (for the price of $600 plus maintenance) but it may be well worth it.

Oh and most importantly, I learned that I am getting too old to stay up until 3 am and then attend conference sessions at 8 am!!!