‘Bank Account In Use …’ message

This utility can be accessed from the File | Run menu within Sage.  When the pop-up screen appear, type in the name of the utility. 

Note: you must have appropriate rights to run these utilities.

GLWSKA – Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of cheque selection or printing cheques when the system suddenly stops responding.  When you go back to select invoices or to print cheques, you might encounter this error message:

The system thinks that cheque printing is still in progress.  Be sure to confirm that no other users are printing cheques before using the utility.  Run the GLWSKA utility to clear the check printing flag in Accounts Payable.  Go to File | Run and type in GLWSKA

Choose the bank code to clear and hit ‘Proceed’

This utility takes less than a second to run so it may appear that it didn’t do anything but it did!