Onsite Training

Comprehensive Training

Training on the new business solution is another critical component of launching a new system. The best system in the world means nothing if the users cannot utilize the features fully. We provide hands-on training at your location or remotely if you prefer. Training onsite, is carried out in half-day sessions, up to two to four weeks prior to going-live to allow your team to gradually become familiar with the system functionality. Our training is designed to follow your business processes and is customized to your staff’s specific knowledge level.

We also offer re-training sessions as staff turnover can lead to a reduction of system knowledge. We customize the training for any new staff so that they can be fully functional in the shortest amount of time.

We also offer management and executive level staff training. This training is focused on the system functionality that is critical for management from an executive overview perspective and not the day-to-day data entry.

All training is led by Sage Certified, senior Munjal White Consulting Corporation staff. This ensures the delivery of a comprehensive training program that meets your specific business requirements. We want to allow the new systems to deliver value to your business through the access to timely and relevant information, when you need it. Our goal is to ensure your training program will allow you to be fully functional on the solution immediately.

Crystal Reports Training – Crystal Reports is the world standard for enterprise reporting. It provides professionally formatted, visually compelling interactive reports from any data source. Crystal Reports will allow you to get the right information, at the right time.

Munjal White Consulting Corporation provides Crystal Reports training and customized report creation services. Our customers have been able to improve their efficiency in decision making by having the data they require presented in a report that works for their business. Munjal White Consulting Corporation’s Crystal Reports services can help you to improve the timeliness and accuracy of your reporting, which will improve your overall productivity and effectiveness.

With Munjal White Consulting Corporation’s Crystal Reports solutions, everyone in your organization can gain a personalized view into timely data allowing your team to make fast, accurate decisions. It will give you a competitive edge.