Dedicated Support

On-going Support to Suit Your Needs

Once a product has been implemented, you will want to have support services to ensure any questions, problems, issues or areas of discussion that crop up are addressed in a timely fashion. No matter which ERP system you choose, support is an important part of the total solution to ensure the ongoing growth of your business.

We offer technical support to all our clients. Some of whom we have implemented from day one and others where we are stepping into the support arena on a previously implemented client. In either case, we have Annual Support Plans to suit everyone based on your needs. Ask us how we can help you and what is included in the support plans.

We also offer support plans you can activate directly with Sage Software and we would be happy to provide you with information on their service. Some clients prefer to deal with their local partner who implemented the system and others don’t mind dealing directly with the publisher and some clients have a combination. A combination may be a case of getting a limited call plan with the publisher and use the local partner for more complex issues.

Anyway you choose, know that we are here and have been here for over 25 years supporting our clients !