Consulting and Implementation

When buying a new ERP system, many businesses invest time researching the functionality of various competing products, getting quotes and making a final decision on a product. But making that product work for your business by finding efficiencies, saving costs and increasing revenues is quite another thing!  The Munjal White Consulting team will ensure that the Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and 200) system fits your business and your processes perfectly so you gain efficiences immediately.

Consulting is the art of speaking with staff in various departments of your business, getting to the root of what works and what doesn’t and coming up with a plan on improvements. Implementation is taking that knowledge and putting it into practice with your people and the product selected.

All the components of the decision are equally important – choosing an appropriate product, implementation of the product across your organization, post-implementation reviews to ensure you are getting the most benefit from the product as the business evolves and users change.

We are committed to you for the long run. Knowledge of our clients and their businesses allows us to give more personalized service in the ever-changing world of products and business practices and the specific evolution of your business over time. We offer a unique perspective from years of experience with companies just like yours and bring real value to the table. We have both CA’s and system specialists on staff to assist in every aspect of each implementation, so you can be assured of a clean conversion from your existing system and a smooth transition to your new Sage 100 ERP system.