Paperless Office

Who hasn’t dreamed of less paper around them?! Although perhaps paper will not disappear altogether there are things that can help reduce the volume of this paper.

Paperless Office is a module that does 2 things for you:

  1. Any audit register from your ERP system automatically gets stored in a PDF format and easy to retrieve if ever the need arises or if your accountants or auditors request a specific journal. Instead of printing the registers and filing them, Paperless Office keeps it all.
  2. Paperless Office can also be configured to send documents like customer invoices or statements, or supplier purchase orders directly via email. You can specify the customer or supplier preference in their profile and then the document will be delivered by that method. If you do a batch of 30 invoices and 2 customers have the preference of ‘Paper’, no problem, just ‘PRINT’ the 30 invoices and 28 will deliver via email and the 2 will print on your printer so you can mail them. Automatic and easy!

Enabling Paperless Office in Sage 100 can lead to:

  • More efficiency by saving users’ time
  • Cost savings by cutting filing time and retrieving time along with floor space for filing cabinets
  • Be Green, save a tree or indeed a forest!

And all this for FREE! Paperless  Office is included in every installation of Sage 100, it just needs to be enabled.

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