Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Is it time to step up from QuickBooks?

Previously, when a company considered upgrading QuickBooks, the options weren’t too appealing. Purchasing, installing, and running traditional mid-market financial software, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Sage, was a huge investment and a risky proposition. It meant buying servers and databases, hiring IT specialists to customize and maintain the software, and making an expensive, ongoing, multiyear commitment for maintenance, support, and infrastructure. Upgrading QuickBooks meant investing thousands of dollars—a proposition that few companies relished.

Given the costs and risks, it’s not surprising that many companies simply stayed on the sidelines and postponed any plans for upgrading QuickBooks. Instead, they simply endured its limitations much longer than necessary.

Fortunately, the cloud has changed everything.

Measuring the true cost of QuickBooks
Today’s cloud-based systems offer exceptional economics that make them a very cost-effective alternative. With cloud software, the vendor assumes all of the infrastructure cost and risk. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection—no servers, software, or IT staff. Cloud computing takes the cost and risk out of upgrading QuickBooks and provides numerous advantages that are essential as your business grows.

Many organizations find that the time they save from automating critical processes and eliminating spreadsheets quickly outweighs the entire cost of moving to a cloud-based accounting system. A payback period of just a few months isn’t uncommon.

Will that work for your organization? Start by comparing the full costs and productivity implications of QuickBooks with the same factors for a new cloud-based ERP system. Thousands of organizations like yours have already made this comparison, and invariably the answer to upgrading QuickBooks is to make the move to cloud-based financials—resulting in a tremendous, positive ROI.

If you’re considering upgrading QuickBooks, consider Sage Intacct, the cloud financial solution that is No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

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